Tom Syson - Trumpet | Mark Pringle - Piano

Tom Syson - Mark Pringle Duo

Pianist Mark Pringle and trumpeter Tom Syson explore the art of the duo. Embracing influences from the early years of jazz and the contemporary avant-garde, the pair weave rich melodic tapestries that evoke times past and present, all projected through the prism of their own experience to create music tinged with nostalgia yet driven by radicalism.

Since forming in 2014 the duo have sought to make each performance not only slightly different, but significantly so. Sparks fly across the listening room through lively interplay, revealing unexpected moments of playfulness, dark intensity and beauty.


"The technique of both players was absolutely superb and the interplay with each other seemed to be telepathic ... As I Ieft, a fellow audience member said ‘that was beautiful’. I saw no reason to disagree" Bebop Spoken Here